Bad Breath Won’t Go Away? Here’s Why It May Be Bacteria

Many different things can cause halitosis or bad breath, but when the bad breath is persistent, it tends to be caused by bacteria. 

Bacteria can live on the surface of your throat as well as your tongue. Bacteria tend to break down proteins quickly, making sulphur compounds that are then released. These sulphur compounds are what gives off that strong unpleasant smell. If you have gum disease, which is also caused by bacteria, or you have plaque chances are your breath will be unpleasant.  

The word plaque is often misunderstood. Plaque is basically a thin layer of sticky bacteria that is constantly forming around teeth, and these bacteria release acids whenever you eat or drink anything. These acids can break down your teeth’s enamel and are usually the cause of cavities or diseases like gingivitis. Plaque hardens if left untreated and can become incredibly difficult to remove, requiring the intervention of a dental professional. If you have plaque, be sure to visit your Dentist in Plano, Tx.

The way to prevent this bacteria from eating away at your teeth and give you awful breath is simple, brushing and flossing your teeth every time you eat. You should also make sure you do not miss your dentist appointments and keep a watchful eye on tartar control. Always observe proper oral hygiene.


Other Reasons For Bad Breath

There are other reasons why you may have bad breath, however, like having a dry mouth. 

Saliva is working all the time — washing your mouth, tongue and throat. If there is a shortage of saliva, your mouth is not getting the same level of cleaning, resulting in bad breath. 

Certain foods like onion, garlic, etc., will give you a strong breath, but these are generally short-lived and can quickly be remedied by brushing your teeth and rinsing with mouthwash.

Another common cause is smoking; the smoke itself has an unpleasant smell and starves your mouth of oxygen, making it a breeding ground for bacteria. 

Your diet will also impact your breath, and whether you have any stomach problems will also be reflected in your breath.

In some extreme cases, such as cancers or liver failure, the breath can turn sour as well. Keep in mind that other diseases like diabetes may also cause bad breath. If you have persistent bad breath, make sure to visit your dentist as halitosis could be the symptom of a bigger problem.

As you can see, there can be many different causes, but more often than not, bacteria is the culprit. Fortunately, this is a problem that a good dentist should be able to address.


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