Dr. Wilhite understands that your baby’s dental health is a top priority. That’s why he is dedicated to providing gentle and specialized dental care tailored specifically to meet the unique needs of your little one. 

Dr. Wilhite sees babies once they turn three years of age but feel free to book an appointment if you have questions about the dental needs of your infant. We help you discuss your goals and options for pediatric dental treatment along with your options for dental insurance. 

Our Approach to Baby Dental Care

First Dental Visit

We recommend bringing your baby in for their first dental visit by their first birthday or within six months of their first tooth erupting. This early visit allows us to monitor their dental development and provide guidance on proper oral care practices.

Gentle Examinations

During your baby’s dental visit, we will conduct a gentle examination of their mouth, gums, and emerging teeth. We’ll assess their oral health and provide personalized recommendations for maintaining their dental hygiene.

Parental Involvement

We encourage parental involvement during your baby’s dental appointments. We will take the time to address any questions or concerns you may have and provide guidance on how to best care for your baby’s oral health at home.

Creating Positive Dental Experiences

Our goal is to create positive dental experiences for your baby from their very first visit. We strive to make each appointment enjoyable and stress-free, fostering a positive attitude towards dental care that will benefit them for years to come.

Educational Resources

We provide educational resources and materials to help parents understand the importance of early dental care and how to best care for their baby’s oral health at home. From oral hygiene tips to dietary recommendations, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Customized Care Plans

Every baby is unique, and we understand that their dental needs may vary. That’s why we create customized care plans tailored specifically to your baby’s oral health requirements, ensuring they receive the personalized attention they deserve.

Why Choose Us for Your Baby’s Dental Care?

In 2007, Dr. Wilhite was inducted as a Fellow at the Pierre Fauchard Academy, and he brings over 30 years of experience to the table. He is gentle and careful with your children’s oral care, and the importance of the first years of dental care cannot be understated. These first few years develop healthy habits that children need to carry with them through adulthood. 

Expertise in Pediatric Dentistry: Dr. Wilhite is a skilled and experienced dentist who specializes in caring for infants, toddlers, and children. He has the knowledge, training, and accolades to ensure your baby receives the highest standard of dental care. He was inducted as a fellow by the International College of Dentists, a recognition that he worked hard to attain through years of pediatric dentistry. 

Gentle and Compassionate Approach: We understand that visiting the dentist can be daunting, especially for babies. That’s why we take a gentle and compassionate approach to every appointment, ensuring your little one feels safe, comfortable, and at ease throughout their visit.

Early Dental Education: We believe in the importance of early dental education. Our team will provide you with valuable guidance on how to care for your baby’s oral health at home, including tips on proper brushing and nutrition, setting a strong foundation for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Preventive Care: Prevention is key when it comes to maintaining your baby’s dental health. We offer comprehensive preventive care services, including dental exams, cleanings, fluoride treatments, and dental sealants, all designed to keep your little one’s smile healthy and bright.

Specialized Treatments: Should your baby require any dental treatments, rest assured they’ll be in good hands. From addressing teething discomfort to treating early childhood cavities, our team is equipped to provide specialized care to meet your baby’s unique dental needs.

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Give your baby the gift of a healthy smile with our gentle and specialized dental care. Dr. Wilhite starts to see children once they turn three years old but don’t hesitate to consult us if you have questions about the dental needs of your infant. Schedule their first dental appointment with us today and take the first step towards ensuring a lifetime of optimal oral health. You can make an appointment through our website or call us on our helpline. 

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