Dental x-rays are pictures taken of the teeth, bones, gums, and surrounding soft tissue in your mouth. X-rays allow Dr. Wilhite to detect any disease in the teeth and jaw, and view any additional issues within your mouth. For example, dental x-rays can show cavities, incoming teeth, and bone loss in your jaw. Not all of these have obvious or apparent signs and symptoms, which is why dental x-rays are so beneficial.

In addition, x-rays can show tooth decay between teeth that is not visible during an oral exam. This allows the best methods of preventative treatment, and the earliest diagnosis of tooth decay. Because tooth decay can lead to many other expensive and painful tooth issues, it is important to identify this disease as early as possible. Thanks to dental x-rays, it is possible to treat serious issues like tooth decay, in the early stages of development. X-rays act as an early detection system, and are a valuable dental tool.

In the long run, dental x-rays are beneficial to both Dr. Wilhite and you. Many untreated tooth and gum diseases can lead to very serious, expensive, and even life-threatening complications. It is important to have regular x-rays to ensure the best preventive and diagnostic care possible.

What Is A Dental X-Ray?

Radiographs or x-rays allow your dentist to check your oral health on a deeper level. Every good dentist and orthodontist knows that a visual examination is not enough. Dental x-rays help the family dental clinic team identify any disease or damage that is not visible to the naked eye and provide timely treatment for any oral health issues before they become more serious.

What Are Dental X-Rays Used For?

A dental x-ray shows everything from the tip of the roots to the bones located underneath the gums. It helps your family dental clinic team in being able to identify issues that are isolated or find the cause of specific symptoms you might be experiencing.

With dental x-rays, the dental specialist at a family dental clinic can screen for everything from a simple cavity to other, more serious problems such as abscesses, cysts, bone loss, and gum disease that can be caught early. It also allows your dentist to identify any impacted or missing teeth or the presence of wisdom teeth, which means more efficient dental care for you.

How Does A Dental X-Ray Work?

At David Wilhite DDS Dental, we usually perform x-rays as a part of routine dental checkups. These x-rays often include 2-7 bitewing x-rays that show us a full picture of the crown portions of your teeth and help us catch signs of tooth decay, if any.

The x-ray is taken with a bite plate in between your teeth while the x-ray machine is positioned on either side of your face. A panoramic x-ray is performed from outside of the mouth and allows your family dental clinic team to see a picture of the whole oral cavity in one big shot.

During this process, the x-ray machine moves around your entire head to take a snapshot. It shows all of your teeth, including the sinus and jawbones, and can be an important way to discover jaw disorders and any other problems you may not know about.

While x-ray examinations are safe, they do emit low levels of radiation, so we cover the patient’s body with a leaded apron, and a leaded thyroid collar if necessary. We take these precautions to minimize the risks associated with radiation exposure.

Getting x-rays at a well-equipped family dental clinic is completely painless and only takes a few minutes to perform. However, the benefits it affords can last a lifetime.

How Often Do I Need Dental X-Rays?

Depending on a variety of factors, you may need dental x-rays more or less frequently. For example, children need x-rays often so that we can identify the growth patterns of their adult teeth. If you have not been to the dentist recently, you may need dental x-rays as frequently as every six months. Others only need dental x-rays every few years. Dr. Wilhite and his team will be able to identify you needs.

How much do Dental X-Rays cost?

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