New Biomaterial Reduces Tooth Sensitivity

Scientists have recently developed a new biomaterial that can reduce tooth sensitivity and rebuild worn enamel. The findings were reported in the journal ACS Nano by Chun-Pin Lin, a dentistry professor at National Taiwan University. Professor Chun-Pin Lin, along with colleagues from the university, developed the material, which is made from “a silica-based template containing nano-sized calcium carbonate particles and mixed it with phosphoric acid (H3PO4),” and tested it on dogs.

What Is Tooth Sensitivity?


Tooth sensitivity can be a very painful dental issue caused by worn enamel. This can lead to heat and cold sensitivity when eating and drinking, cavities, and even more serious issues. When the enamel of teeth is worn, the porous layer of dentine tubules is exposed, which is much softer. This softer material is more easily agitated due to closer exposure to nerves, and why you may experience sharp pain when eating hot soup or cold ice cream.

Currently, the only products on the market to treat worn enamel are specialty toothpastes and sealants, but these wear away with brushing, eating, and drinking.
The study conducted by Professor Lin found that when the biomaterial was placed on the dogs’ teeth, it penetrated the dentine tubules more deeply and was long-lasting.

This is a very exciting development in the oral health and dentistry profession! For more information on caring for your sensitive teeth, contact us online or by phone.

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