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TMJ is a very broad term with multiple causes and multiple symptoms or presentations.

The patient can have pain in the joint itself, migraine headaches, ringing in the ears (tinnitus), stuffiness of the ears, sore chewing muscles and/or limited mouth opening, and vertigo.

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TMJ symptoms can be caused by a bad bite, chronic clenching, a constricted airway, stress or arthritis.


If you have headaches, migraines, cracked teeth, sensitive teeth, chronic sinus problems, multiple root canals, loose teeth, worn teeth, or chipped teeth, then you may have TMJ.

There have been instances when a patient had been suffering from chronic or recurring sinus infections that went away once the patient received treatment for their TMJ problem.

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The management of the pain involves treating the underlying cause or causes of the problem, rather than just treating the symptoms with medication alone. Full night guards or the NTI device can be used depending on which is appropriate for you. Clenching helps some people to open a constricted airway. If you do clench and grind due to sleep apnea, then an oral appliance may be considered. These are also beneficial for those who snore.

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For those who cannot control their daytime clenching, Botox often produces good results by reducing the intensity of muscle contractions.

For some people, a possible treatment is equilibration or adjusting the bite. Some patients will find that their symptoms improve or subside after equilibration. Clenching and grinding on a bad bite will cause a lot more damage to the teeth than clenching on a good bite. So, for those whose symptoms are not completely relieved by the bite adjustment, the incidence of wear and cracked teeth will be greatly reduced.

\"ToothThe patient is encouraged to participate in the treatment by:

    • Going on a soft diet for a limited time
    • Avoid chewing gum
    • Using heat or ice packs
    • Seeking stress reduction therapy if necessary

Most treatment begins with the most conservative, least invasive procedures.

One very successful treatment for migraines is the administering of Botox. Injected in specific areas a patient will find that the injections are not uncomfortable and the result is the pain relief they have been seeking. Botox is an ongoing treatment. It is not a one-time application.

In my office, I have been providing this treatment for well over 10 years with excellent success.

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