Using Mouthrinse More Effective Than Just Tooth Brushing

Using Mouthrinse More Effective Than Just Tooth Brushing

Most people are accustomed to brushing their teeth at least once a day but the use of mouthrinse is not heavily encouraged and only some people make a daily habit of rinsing. Recently, the peer-reviewed journal General Dentistry of the Academy of General Dentistry published new research in their January/ February 2013 issue that discovered that regular use of mouthrinse in conjunction with regular tooth brushing reduces plaque and gingivitis more than simply brushing.

Why Mouthwash is Effective

According to Christine A. Charles, RDH BS, lead author of the study, “mouthrinses can reach nearly 100 percent of the mouth’s surface, while brushing focuses on teeth, which make up only 25 percent of the mouth.” The results of the study conducted by the General Dentistry concluded that by using mouthrinse twice a day along with regular brushing, the occurrence of plaque and ginigivitis, and in turn the chance of gum disease is greatly reduced.

The Study

The study was done over a six month period in which 139 adults that had moderate plaque and gingivitis were split into two groups. One group was given mouthrinse and rinsed with it twice a day after brushing and the second group was given a placebo mouthrinse to use twice a day after brushing. According to Academy of General Dentistry spokesperson Janice Pliszczak, DDS, MS, MBA, MAGD, the results show that the group that used the actual mouthrinse reduced its plaque occurrence by 26.3 percent and gingivitis by 20.4 percent. In fact, by the end of the study, almost 100 percent of the group using the real mouthrinse experienced a reduction in gingivitis compared to only 30 percent of the placebo group. As Christine Charles concludes, “the study demonstrates the oral health benefits of regular and consistent daily use of a germ-killing mouthrinse.”

Benefits of Mouthrinse

The benefits of the regular use of mouthrinse cannot be overstated especially considering that most people do not effectively brush their teeth or even less floss regularly. This is why Dr. Pliszczak claims that “adding a germ-killing mouthrinse twice a day to your daily routine is another way to attack germs that can cause significant oral health problems.” Just be sure to use a mouthrinse specifically formulated to kill germs as some may be more geared towards preventing cavities or teeth whitening.

Even if you do add a mouthwash to your daily brushing routine, you should continue to see your dentist twice a year for a check up and cleaning.

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